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About recruitment of Kuribayashi club members

Thank you for your warm support.
This time, Ritsurin will be establishing the Ritsurin Club and recruiting members.
Anyone who produces and manufactures Kagawa products can register for free admission and annual membership fee.

About Kuribayashi Club

The purpose is to share information and provide various services between Kagawa Prefecture product producers and manufacturers and Kuribayashian.

  1. Dissemination of information and provision of information from Ritsurin-an (e-mail magazine, etc.)
  2. Provision of information on various events and contests
  3. Holding of various seminars and exchange meetings
  4. Businesses that meet the other two objectives

Installation guidelines [PDF 82KB]

How to register

Please apply by any of the following methods.
We will contact you once registration is complete.

  1. Please fill in the registration application form for Kuribayashi-an Club below and send it.
    Registration application form
  2. Please download the application form below and send it by email.
    Please download the application form from here.
    Enrollment application form [Word 82KB]
  3. If you cannot download, please send the following contents in the body of the email.

    ≪Email entry≫

    • Business name
    • Business name
    • Person in charge
    • Address
    • TEL
    • FAX
    • E-mail address

    Destination / Contact

    Kagawa Prefectural Exchange Promotion Department Prefectural Products Promotion Section
    Person in charge: Hayama

How to change / unsubscribe

If there is any change in the application contents, please download the "Change Application Form" and apply by e-mail.

Application form for change [Word 33KB]

If you wish to withdraw, please download the "Application for withdrawal" and apply by e-mail.

Withdrawal application form [Word 30KB]

* Personal information protection policyplease use this form.

[Kagawa Prefectural Products Database] Looking for prefectural products!

In the new “LOVE Sanuki-san”, we have set up a “Handling company introduction corner” for prefecture-produced products and a page for companies that can purchase prefecture-produced products in the second half of the page (category page) for each prefecture-produced product. We are. If you are a business operator of prefecture products listed on the introduction page and would like to publish, please check the following contents and apply.

reference:Sanuki udon introduction page,List of prefecture product companies sites

Registration fee Free
Reception period At any time (It will take about 2 weeks to publish.)

Your company name, address, telephone number, etc. will be posted on the introduction page of each prefecture's products and on the site list of prefecture products companies and linked to your company's homepage. (HP address is required.)
* Please note that we may change typographical errors and other information when it is determined that the information you have provided needs to be clearly corrected. In addition, please note that it may not be possible to publish it depending on the judgment of this site.

About posting standards

All of the following items shall apply. However, groups whose main purpose is religious activity or political activity, groups that are under the control of gangsters or members of gangsters will not be posted.

  1. The business operator is a producer / manufacturer / seller operating in a livelihood located in Kagawa prefecture.
  2. Producing, manufacturing, and selling related products such as prefecture products included in the attached “Category List” or products that use those prefecture products.
  3. You have your own home page.
  4. Businesses (food related) must comply with related laws and regulations such as the Food Sanitation Law.
  5. A person who has not filed a petition to start rehabilitation procedures under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law (Law No. 14 of 154) or a rehabilitation procedure under the Civil Rehabilitation Law (Law No. 11 of 225). However, the following persons shall meet this requirement.
    -A person who has received a decision to start rehabilitation procedures based on the Corporate Rehabilitation Law.
    ・ A person who has received a decision (limited to those that have been finalized) to approve a rehabilitation plan based on the Civil Rehabilitation Law.

Application method

■ Click here for "Prefectural products handling company website publication application sheet"

■ Web registration form

* If you have any questions, please contact LOVE Sanuki's secretariat by e-mail.
LOVE Sanuki Management Office