Prefecture product contest

Recruitment for Kagawa prefecture product contest exhibition

The “Kagawa Prefecture Product Contest” has produced many hit products. This year, which marks the 18th anniversary, we have newly established the "Olive Division" for products using olives produced in the prefecture. We are looking for exhibitions of attractive prefecture products!

the purpose
We will promote the development of "Udon prefecture. Not only that" Kagawa prefecture's "not only that" appealing prefecture products, while also discovering Kagawa prefecture's representative prefecture products to support expansion of sales channels inside and outside the prefecture.
Planned number of prizes
From the applied products that passed the first screening (1 products by department, about 5 products in total)
  1. "Udon Prefecture. Not only that, Kagawa Governor's Award" (Grand Prize) 1 item in each category, 4 items in total
  2. "Udon Prefecture. Not only that, Kagawa Prefecture Excellence Award" 1 item for each category, within 4 items in total
Recruitment department
  1. Food division (excluding confectionery and sweets division)
  2. Confectionery / Sweets
  3. General department (non-food)
  4. Olive division (food, confectionery / sweets, non-food)
Application requirements
[Matters common to all departments]
  1. Applicant must be a producer / manufacturer located in Kagawa prefecture, having production capacity, and operating as a business.
  2. The applied products are products for general consumers that take advantage of Kagawa's regional characteristics, and target "foods, alcoholic beverages and beverages (processed agricultural and livestock products)", "traditional crafts", and "local industrial products".
  3. The applied products must have been manufactured or processed at the final stage in Kagawa Prefecture. Such
[Olive Division] In addition to the items common to all divisions, those that meet the following requirements
  1. Non-food items such as processed foods, crafts, and miscellaneous goods produced or manufactured by directly or indirectly using olives cultivated in Kagawa prefecture. (However, olive oil is excluded.)
  2. Products that can be expected to contribute to strengthening the brand power of olive-related products and improving the overall brand image. Such
* Please refer to the application leaflet for details such as application requirements and awards.
Wanted period
April 2 (Thursday) to June 4 (Friday)
Prefectural Products Promotion Section: Ozaki
Application Guidelines / Application Form [PDF] Application form [PDF] Application form [xls] Application form [xlsx]

The “Kagawa Prefectural Goods Competition”, launched in 15, promotes product development by businesses and manufacturers in the prefecture who are eager to cultivate sales channels, and can be deployed nationwide as well as within the prefecture, making it more marketable. We dig up rich prefecture products. We will publicize the award-winning products in the media and at events held both inside and outside the prefecture, widely promote awareness, and support the expansion of sales channels.

Year of the reunification

["Udon prefecture. Not only that, Kagawa prefecture" Governor's Award (Grand Prize)] Food category

Sanuki octopus and iriko Setouchi Ahijo

Sanuki octopus and iriko Setouchi Ahijo
One 1g 110 yen (excluding tax)

Thick feet, the secret of the deliciousness of the Sanuki octopus, firm flesh, and the bitter taste and subtle sweetness. Setouchi Ahijo is the perfect match of the ingredients of Kagawa prefecture such as garlic and Kagawa Mototaka. You can enjoy it as a snack or entangle it with pasta.

Aki Fisheries Co., Ltd.
Ritsurin-an Online Shop:

["Udon Prefecture. Not only that, Kagawa Prefecture" Governor's Award (Grand Prize)] Confectionery & Sweets Category

Authentic hand-baked prawn crackers

Authentic hand-baked prawn crackers
800 yen (with 7 bags) / 1,800 yen (with 12 bags) / 3,000 yen (with 28 bags) (excluding tax)

Authentic hand-baked prawn crackers made by prawn producers. No chemical seasonings are used and prawns are used entirely from the head. Senbei seasoned with only the salt of the Seto Inland Sea manufactured by our company has a simple and elegant taste, so you can enjoy the flavor of prawns.

Nio Sansho Co., Ltd.

["Udon Prefecture. Not only that, Kagawa Prefecture" Governor's Award (Grand Prize)] General Section

Breeze fan

Breeze fan
One 2,000 yen (excluding tax)

It is an oval type that has long been considered auspicious and uses the technique of "small cutting", which breaks it down more finely than a normal rib bone. By changing the way the bones are knitted and using extremely thin sticky paper, the bones themselves become beautifully designed, making the fan gentle and gentle to the hands. Ideal as a summer gift or as a fan for a close friend.

Agency OIKAZE Inc.

["Udon prefecture. Not only that, Kagawa prefecture" Excellence Award] Food category

Raw whitebait (freshly caught from Kagawa Prefecture)

Raw whitebait (freshly caught from Kagawa Prefecture)
1 yen (excluding tax) per 100g bag * Sold for 278 yen including tax

Instantly freeze freshly caught whitebait as it is. At home, you can enjoy scarce raw whitebait at any time. We recommend sashimi and raw whitebait bowl. As it is free of preservatives, consume it after thawing the same day.

Oshio Fisheries Co., Ltd.

[Udon prefecture, not just Kagawa prefecture] Excellence Award] Confectionery and sweets category

Loquat mochi

Loquat mochi
950 yen (excluding tax) / 1 pieces per box * Sale from May to July

It is a rice cake made with plenty of loquat from Kagawa prefecture, a feature of early summer. The appearance is also pretty, just like the fruit, and the bean paste made with the pulp left behind has a refreshing aroma and sweetness of loquat. We use rare sugar for rice flour and sweet bean paste.

Minatoya Co., Ltd.

["Udon prefecture. Not only that, Kagawa prefecture" Excellence award] General category

Uneven dyed olive leather backpack

Uneven dyed olive leather backpack
38,880 yen (excluding tax) * 6 colors in total (the picture is olive green)

Olive leather is cowhide made by soaking olive oil refined in Shodoshima from the core of the leather. Due to the effect of the oil component (oleic acid), the leather has dramatically changed to a leather that has high moisture retention and is resistant to deterioration. The uneven dyeing and coloring of the surface is a collaboration with an Italian engineer. Simple design with excellent functionality such as PET bottle holder and tablet case, so it can be turned on or off. A-LOOK, a local factory brand created by local artisans utilizing local specialties.

E-Look Co., Ltd.
Tel:087-885-3311 * Contact for sales

["Udon prefecture. Not only that, Kagawa prefecture" Special Jury Prize] Confectionery and sweets category

Ohno beans

Ohno beans
One bag (70g) 500 yen (excluding tax)

Ono Kagawa was once a famous bean production area. The Ono Beans Project was launched by volunteers in 2013 to revive the Ono beans (variety name: Sanuki length), which was a specialty of this area, and the yield has been growing year by year. Tsutsui Seika made this "small fava beans" into fried beans. It is a simple bean confection with only salty taste.

Tsutsui Seika Co., Ltd.

List of products from the Kagawa Prefectural Products Contest (first pass)

The Kagawa Prefectural Goods Competition for the Reiwa 4st fiscal year recruited applications for applications from April 25 to June 6, and there were 28 entries in the three categories of food, confectionery sweets and the general public. On Thursday, July 3, a preliminary examination was held by eight judges at the prefectural office, and 109 products (7 categories x 11 products) were selected for the "Kagawa Prefectural Products Competition in the First Year of Reiwa" as follows: We will let you know as we have been selected.

* Please scroll horizontally.

DepartmentPrefecture product nameBusiness nameLocation
FoodSteamed barleyYamasei CorporationAyagawa Town
Large grain meat dumplingsDaiya Food Co., Ltd.Kanonji
Raw whitebait (freshly produced in Kagawa Prefecture)Oshio Seafood Co., Ltd.Sanuki City
Honey soy sauce for meatMinec Co., Ltd. (Mineyama Honey)Takamatsu
Sanuki octopus and iriko Setouchi AhijoAki Fisheries Co., Ltd.Sanuki City
Confectionery and sweetsSetouchi lemon ice DaifukuLLC Sanuki Farm GurashiTakamatsu
Ohno beansTsutsui Seika Co., Ltd.Takamatsu
Authentic hand-baked prawn crackersNio Sansho Co., Ltd.Mitoyo
Shodoshima soy sauce popcornMcCorse Factory Co., Ltd.Takamatsu
Loquat mochiMinatoya Co., Ltd.Takamatsu
GeneralSanuki dialect seriesTanigawa wood craftsMiki Town
Breeze fanFan studio MitaniMarugame
Uneven dyed olive leather backpack
(Olive green)
E-Look Co., Ltd.Takamatsu
Sanuki glue dyeing big fishing flag handkerchiefOkawara dyeing main officeTakamatsu
Real udon catMicrowave CompaniesAyagawa Town