“Sashisuseso Marche” 5 December


This Marche will be held with the theme of “Sashisuseso Marche” seasonings unique to Kagawa.
We are planning to prepare a menu that makes the best use of the taste, starting with white miso, Wasanbon, and algae salt.
We hope you enjoy the seasonings that are the cornerstone of Kagawa's diverse food culture.

To avoid the spread of infection, please understand that you are not allowed to drink or eat inside the venue.Only takeout products will be sold. Sanuki Marche in Sunport.


Date and time: 12/5/2021 10 (Sunday) 00: 14-00: XNUMX
Venue: Multipurpose Open Area, located on the west side of Takamatsu Sunport Symbol Tower
* Depending on the weather the Marche may be postponed to the next week.
* Depending on the status of new COVID infection rates, it may be canceled or postponed. Please check this official website for information on events and store openings.


Sunport 2-1, Takamatsu-city,
Kagawa-prefecture 760-0019 Japan