Kagawa vegetables

We introduce vegetables of Kagawa with video.

Kagawa's Vegetables <Spring> Awakening of Sanuki

Sanuki's Awake is an original asparagus from Kagawa Prefecture. It features quick sprouting (awakening) in spring, and features good taste and aesthetic appearance with tightly tightened tips.

Kagawa's Vegetables <Summer> Mihoyo Eggplant

Mitoyo eggplant is a variety cultivated mainly in Mitoyo city, Kagawa prefecture. It is about three times as large as Senryo eggplant.

Kagawa vegetables <autumn> Kinki ginseng

Kintoki Ginseng, which features bright red and sweetness, has the best production in Japan in Kagawa Prefecture. Kintoki ginseng in Kagawa prefecture, made of well-drained sandy ground, boasts a long and straight appearance.

Kagawa vegetables <winter> romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce is thicker than lettuce, so you can enjoy not only raw food but also crispy texture when cooked.

Kagawa Vegetables x DRONE

High quality and delicious "Kagawa vegetables". Aerial photographs of Kagawa's vegetables being cultivated and the scenery of the production area.

Kagawa Vegetables x RESTAURANT

This section introduces how fresh and delicious "Kagawa vegetables" are prepared and provided at restaurants.

Kagawa Vegetables x SMILE

This video gathers the smiles of producers involved in the production of safe and secure "Kagawa vegetables".

Kagawa Vegetables × DISTRIBUTION

This section introduces a series of processes (producers-> markets (wholesale company-wholesalers)-> mass retailers) where "Kagawa vegetables" grown by producers without any hassle.