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Prefectural products used

Prefectural products centered around Sakaide City such as rare sugar, ancient rice, Sakaide salt, Ohara Beni orange

A word from the owner

It is a Western confectionery store that has been operating in Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture since 54. We open stores not only in Kagawa prefecture but also in the Nakasan district, the local area of ​​Sakaide city where the stores are located. We would like everyone to be happy to eat using local special products.

Variety strawberry born in Kagawa,Sanuki HimeSauce and Nishisan traditional sweets,OiriYogurt shape with topping.

Roll cake that can be eaten as an ice cake in the frozen state
Sakaide Kintoki potato, chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin, caramel, plain, ancient rice matcha, ancient rice plain, etc.




760-0019 Sunport, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 2-1
Sunport Takamatsu Symbol Tower West Passage