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The story of the olive "Blue Diamond" born on a hill facing the Seto Inland Sea.

Ao no Diamond Co., Ltd.

Ao no Diamond Group Photo
Photo of two men working with an olive tree
Photograph during the work of sorting olives

Nine years after cultivating the site of a Delaware vineyard and planting olives.
The resurgence of a proud grape farmer has turned into a brilliant blue shine.

In the Tadotsu area, the Delaware grape that requires skill is grown on a sunny hilly area with drainage that leads from the Seto Inland Sea to the mountain immediately, and the grape is called “red diamond” and has been loved. Olive cultivation started as a measure against abandoned cultivated land due to aging. Currently, 50 local farmers (50 local farmers) are working together. Not only "elderly farmers are getting better with olives," but also young people who visit farming consultations.

Recommended Products

Tadotsu hand picked extra virgin olive oil
Product image of hand-picked extra virgin olive oil from Tadotsu
Olive fruits harvested by hand are oiled within 24 hours. You can enjoy the fruity aroma and rich flavor that spreads through your mouth.
Olive dolce
Olive Dolce product image
Freshly picked olives carefully pickled one by one to salt. "It's a product made from confident olives."

Oil with gentle mouthfeel and pungency. It goes well with mellow and gentle-tasting dishes, such as flour and butter-boiled white fish Meuniere. (Tadotsu hand-picked extra virgin olive oil)

1856-3, Tatetsucho, Oaza, Nakatado-gun
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Kagawa olive oil quality labeling system
Certified business
Cultivation area
About 12ha
Olive oil flavor
  • Delicate
  • Posted on FLOSOLEI 2020 (84 items)
  • OLIVE JAPAN 2019 Gold Medal
  • 2018 Sorrento Golden Mermaid Award Excellence Award
  • Japan Olive Oil Fair Gold Award
  • Kagawa Prefectural Olive Oil Fair Reiwa XNUMXst year Shodoshima Olive Promotion Council Chairman's Award
Tours and experiences possible (negotiable)
  • Olive oil
  • New pickles
  • Mission
  • Nevadillo swing
  • Lucca
  • Picual
Sales outlet
  • Ginza Senbikiya (Tokyo)
  • Direct sales (Web shop)
  • Okayama Takashimaya (Web shop)
  • Kagawa Bussankan "Kuririn-an"
  • Takamatsu Airport `` skyJ ''
  • Sunport Takamatsu Symbol Tower “Shikoku Shop 88”
  • Setouchi Shunsaikan (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • JA Kagawa Fureai Center production center direct sales place (Tadotsu, Marugame)
  • Shikoku KIOSK (Sakaide, Utazu, Marugame, Tadotsu, Kanonji in Kagawa Prefecture)
  • Omoriya (Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture) etc.