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"I want to know the taste and aroma of real olives."
We will also support the next generation independence.

To extract the flavor and quality of young green olive fruits, oil is extracted from fruits with an oil extraction rate of 3-4%. This is only one third of ripe fruit. Commitment to quality, oil is harvested within 3 hours after harvest. The acidity of oil is 1% or less, far exceeding the international standard of 6% or less. Use a completely light-tight bottle to maintain quality. The quality is highly valued and used in Michelin three-star stores. We will also recruit trainees and focus on nurturing the next generation of creators.

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Extra virgin olive oil
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Pursuing the quality of oil from young green olive fruits. High-quality fruits are oiled within 6 hours after harvest. Acidity 0.1% or less.
Olive pickled
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Pickling only trees that are well hit by the sun, and are thick and undamaged. The more you taste, the more the original taste of the olives oozes out.

The sweetness stands out when used for finishing elegant and delicate dishes such as Japanese food. Nigiri sushi such as white fish, squid and octopus, and surprisingly good compatibility with vanilla ice in unexpected places. "Extra virgin olive oil"

664-1 Yasuda Ko, Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun
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Kagawa olive oil quality labeling system
No certification
Cultivation area
About 35ha
Olive oil flavor
  • Robust (strong)
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Available (Available (reservation required)
There is a training system)
  • Olive oil
  • New pickles
  • Mission and 6 other varieties
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  • Direct sales (Web shop)
  • Foreign Settlement Department of Isetan and Mitsukoshi