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Wawa-chan's oil with hospitality

Ishii nouen

Olive tree and smiling men and women pictures
A photo of Iwa-chan harvesting olives by hand
Photo of Iwa-chan doing manual work

"I didn't make it for sale.
I just want to come to the island and enjoy the deliciousness with the people I have become close to. ''

A farm on the Umaki Walking Path in one of the sightseeing spots. When many traveling people meet with the good owner of the garden, known as "iwa-chan," they become friends and return home. Olive is one of the hospitality for visitors to Iwa-chan. The cultivation was started for the purpose of landscape, and while the resulting olive oil was being divided, it began to be sold at the request of fans. With careful smile, he works carefully, such as harvesting only beautiful fruits.

Recommended Products

Hand-picked freshly squeezed olive oil "Wind of Shodoshima"
Product image of hand-picked freshly squeezed olive oil "Shodoshima no Kaze"
Approximately 8% of the fruits are ripe and sweet. About 2% of unripe fruits with pungency and sharpness are added, and the finish is well balanced.
Hand-picked olive tea from Shodoshima "Kaze of Shodoshima"
Product image of hand-picked olive tea "Shodoshima no Kaze" from Shodoshima
Tea made by picking olive leaves one by one and roasting. You can enjoy the soft bitterness in the sweetness.

An oil with a red apple-like aroma and exquisite bittersweetness. When used in deep-seasoned fish and meat dishes such as beef bowl, sukiyaki, and mackerel miso stew, it is an exquisite dish with a rich and deep flavor. "Hand-picked and squeezed olive oil" Shodoshima no Kaze ""

262 Makikko, Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
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Kagawa olive oil quality labeling system
No certification
Cultivation area
About 0.1ha
Olive oil flavor
  • Medium (medium)
  • Japan Olive Oil Fair Gold Award
  • Olive oil
  • Processed goods
  • Mission
Sales outlet
  • michi-no-eki Shodoshima Olive kouen