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A symbol of the strong feelings of those who fought to protect their beautiful hometown.

NPO Setouchi Olive Fund

Photos of working men and women
Olive tree photo
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Cultivated in Toshima and oiled in Toshima.
To continue protecting the beautiful nature of Setouchi,
Olives that grow together with various people.

Established in 2000 with the aim of protecting and restoring the beautiful nature of Setouchi in the wake of the illegal dumping of hazardous industrial waste, which is said to be the largest in Japan. He performs various activities such as restoring the original state of national parks, restoring beautiful coastal landscapes, and regenerating thin land. Olives were also planted that same year. Several companies in and outside the prefecture cooperated in this initiative. Olives are cultivated and harvested in cooperation with corporate volunteers and islanders, and are turned into oil using the company's oil extractor in Toshima.

Recommended Products

Toshima OLIVE
Product photo of Teshima OLIVE
Olives grown by residents and volunteers are oiled on Teshima. The felled trees and selected branches are composted by themselves and given.

It has a sweet scent like strawberries and pears and a pleasant pungent taste like mustard, so it is recommended for potato salad and soaking. "Teshima OLIVE"

3837-4 Toshima Ieura, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun
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Kagawa olive oil quality labeling system
Certified business
Cultivation area
1 ha
Olive oil flavor
  • Delicate
Tours and experiences available (reservation required)
  • Olive oil
  • Nevadillo swing
  • Lucca
  • Manzanillo
Sales outlet
  • Direct sale
  • Toshima Ieura Port Stand
  • Teshima Art Museum
  • Shogoin Gotenso (Kyoto, Kyoto)