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Work on a never-ending search with a lifetime of commitment.

Saegusa Landscaping Co., Ltd.

Olive tree and people
Trees planted in pots
Road surrounded by greenery

Pursuing the quality of olive oil for a lifetime.
"Even if I can't move, I'll speak out and give directions to pursue better quality."

The landscaping business has been in operation since 45, and olive trees have become popular. After the collapse of the bubble, its popularity declined, and it began making olive oil about 10 years ago. Currently the owner is 77 years old. However, in a lively attitude that is even better than young people, "If you ask me to buy it again because it is delicious, I think that I will make something more delicious! Then the quality will go up. It's not the fun of landscaping. "

Recommended Products

Extra virgin olive oil
Product photo
The oil after oil collection is stored in a special storage without contacting the air to prevent oxidation. Approximately 15% of green fruits are mixed to create a balance between softness, pungency and bitterness.
New pickled olives
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At room temperature, we will only sell to customers who consume it within a week or store it in a refrigerator. The flavor and texture of the rich olives addictive.

Recommended for cool summer dishes. When paired with Japanese carpaccio with onion slices and perilla, it adds a refreshing scent to the appetite, creating a more three-dimensional taste. "Extra virgin olive oil from Shodoshima"

5481-2 Ko, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun
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Kagawa olive oil quality labeling system
Certified business
Cultivation area
About 1.5ha
Olive oil flavor
  • Medium (medium)
  • Los Angeles International EVOO Fair 2015 Silver Medal
  • Los Angeles International EVOO Fair 2013 Gold Medal
  • OLIVE JAPAN 2013 Gold Medal
Tours available (free tours are available all year round)
Guidance is also available if convenient. )
  • Olive oil
  • New pickles
  • Mission
Sales outlet
  • Direct sale
  • Angel Road Park Tourist Information Center and Stand
  • Shodoshima Seaside Hotel Matsukaze