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The joy of living with olives that comes from working figures and the workplace.

Soju Co., Ltd.

Olive tree and 5 women harvesting
Woman caring for a tree
A box containing olive fruits is packed

Women who work hard and feel good enough to watch
100% olive oil from our own farm.

The company's theme has always been "living with olives" since its foundation. From farms and processing plants, you can see how happy they are. Most of the employees are women, and their work is meticulous and polite. Before becoming an olive-only farmer, he worked in bonsai. Inheriting this technique, it boasts a highly refined pruning technique. Using only fruits from our own farms, we create a single variety of specialty oils. We have built a deep relationship of trust with our customers through responsible integrated production.

Recommended Products

Self-cultivation Hand-picked, most squeezed "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" Mission Medium
Product photo
100% olives from our own farm. We sell single varieties of oil to enjoy the flavors and aromas of the varieties.
Product photo
Because it can be eaten as it is without the hassle of salt removal, the aroma, texture and freshness of freshly picked olives are outstanding.

High quality fragrance and deep and powerful oil. Rolled cabbage, meatballs, roast beef and other meat dishes add a watercress to the flavor. "In-house cultivation hand-picked / most squeezed" Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Mission Medium"

1964-5 Arai, Kokubunji-cho, Takamatsu-shi
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Kagawa olive oil quality labeling system
Certified business
Cultivation area
For fruit ... about 5ha
For viewing ... about 5ha
Olive oil flavor
  • Robust (strong)
  • Japan Olive Oil Fair Kagawa Prefectural Agriculture and Fisheries Manager Award
  • Japan Olive Oil Fair Kagawa Olive Producer Network Chairman Award
  • Japan Olive Oil Fair Special Award, President of Japan Olive Oil Sommelier Association
  • Japan Olive Oil Fair Special Award, Japan Olive Oil Taster Association Chairman's Award
  • OLIVE JAPAN 2019 Gold Medal etc.
  • Olive oil
  • New pickles
  • Processed goods
  • Accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Mission
  • Lucca
Sales outlet
  • Direct sales (Web shop)
  • Town Sule 963 (Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture)
  • Setouchi Shunsaikan (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • Kagawa Bussankan "Kuririn-an"
  • Genpei no Sato
  • Shikoku Shop 88 etc.