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Compete with about 15 single varieties of olive oil.

Tsurugameen Co., Ltd.

Olive harvesters and cars
Aligned olive saplings
Bread with a browned surface

Manufactures single varieties of varieties of olives to suit tastes and cuisine.
100% in-house cultivation.

Originally bonsai was the mainstay, but began growing ornamental olives 28 years ago. After that, he started manufacturing olive oil. Going abroad and conducting research, he worked diligently to improve quality. Approximately 10 years ago, the company introduced an oil extractor, and produced and sold only in-house. We do not handle products from overseas, but only stick to the style of selling only our own products from cultivation to oil production, and continue to polish the Tsurugameen brand carefully.

Recommended Products

"Sunshine" homegrown hand-picked, acidity 0.3% or less domestic extra virgin olive oil
Product photo
Oil is collected within 6 hours after harvesting using the company's oil collecting machine. Oil is carefully selected from among the 65 varieties purchased from around the world that are excellent as oils.
Saplings planted in pots
Prepared 65 kinds of seedlings. The president himself went to Italy, Greece, Turkey and other parts of the world to search and procure. Grow the world's best varieties.

An oil with a plump body and refined bitterness. Let's enjoy harmony with aromatic Japanese food such as shellfish soup, cooked rice and vinegar miso. "Shining glitter" home grown hand-picked, acidity 0.3% or less domestic extra virgin olive oil (Moraioro)

2437-1 Arai, Kokubunji-cho, Takamatsu-shi
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Kagawa olive oil quality labeling system
Certified business
Cultivation area
Approx. 18ha (for ornamental and edible use)
Olive oil flavor
  • Robust (strong)
  • OLIVE JAPAN 2019 Gold Medal
  • OLIVE JAPAN 2018 Silver Medal
  • OLIVE JAPAN 2016 Silver Medal
  • Japan Olive Oil Fair Olive Planting 110th Anniversary Project Executive Committee Award
  • Japan Olive Oil Fair Gold Award etc.
Tours and experiences available (reservation required)
  • Olive oil
  • New pickles
  • Processed goods
  • Seedling
  • Hoji Blanco
  • Retcino
  • Picual
  • One Seven Seven
  • Various types such as Moraiolo
Sales outlet
  • Direct sales (Web shop)
  • Youme Town Takamatsu
  • Kagawa Bussankan "Kuririn-an"
  • Shikoku shop 88
  • Tomoni Market (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)