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Olive farm with 100% domestic organic material realized by the quest for insect lovers

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"To be able to grow olives organically, it is important to be interested in insects.
You have to be close to the insects' feelings. "

While everyone said, "Pesticide-free cultivation on Shodoshima is impossible," he continued to study insects and nature without using any pesticides, and succeeded in cultivating organic olives for the first time in Japan. Mr. Yamada caught every day before dawn every day before the dawn of olive cultivation in Japan, and thoroughly examined it without killing any animals. Now the movement can be read according to the season, humidity, wind direction and temperature, and the tree will not die.

Recommended Products

Organic bergamot olive oil from Shodoshima
Product image of organic bergamot olive oil from Shodoshima
This is a 100% organic oil from Shodoshima, which is made by using our own organic bergamot and organic olives at the same time.
Shodoshima Organic Extra Virgin Olive Olive Oil (Lucca)
Product image of organic extra virgin olive olive oil (Lucca species) from Shodoshima
100% from own farm. An oil that allows you to enjoy a more fruity and gentle aroma like Lucca's unique green apple.

A noble and gorgeous scented oil that ticks your heart. Mix it when making bonbon chocolate or put it on citrus chiffon cake or vanilla ice cream for a rich impression. (Organic bergamot olive oil from Shodoshima)

Olive oil flavor
  • Robust (strong)
  • Olive oil
  • Processed goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Lucca
  • Mission
  • Retcino
  • Other 12 varieties
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