Regarding the handling of personal information

In this site, collection, use or provision and management of personal informationKagawa Prefecture Personal Information Protection Lawlaunch”, And will be handled appropriately as follows.

Basic guidelines for personal information protection

1.Scope of personal information to be collected

When collecting personal information through this site, the purpose of the affairs handling personal information will be clarified and collected to the extent necessary.

2. Restrictions on use or provision

The collected personal information will not be used for any purpose other than administrative purposes or provided to anyone other than the Council, except in the case of laws and ordinances or other special reasons.

3.Proper management

The collected personal information is protected from leakage, loss, falsification, etc., and measures are taken to ensure security. In addition, personal information that is no longer required to be retained will be securely or promptly discarded or deleted.

Handling of access information on the website

This website uses Google Analytics to record customer access log information.
This information is used only for the purpose of understanding the usage status of this website.

Google Analytics uses a technology called a cookie to collect traffic data, and the information obtained by these technologies is all "information that identifies the browser" of the customer and does not identify a specific individual. Although you can disable the acceptance of cookies in your browser settings, we recommend that you enable cookies for your convenience.

For how to collect and use access information by Google Analytics, please refer to the following page for the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google's privacy policy.

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