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The name of "Hotaori", named by the first Takamatsu feudal lord, Matsudaira Yorishige, is a durable fabric that means "weave for many years." It was created during the feudal era, and has been protected as a secret weave of the Takamatsu clan since then. Hotaori is characterized by a pleasant touch and an elegant texture, and is treated as a gift to the Shogunate, and is a high-quality fabric that only senior samurai were allowed to wear. Indeed, until the Meiji Restoration, the technique was kept secret and its general use was banned. In modern times, it is a favorite fabric for many people as a fabric that has both a unique texture and the warmth of the winter, the coolness of the summer and the ventilation and warmth of the summer. Recently, it has been adopted by younger generations as a gem worthy of a slow life where you can live slowly and richly.

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