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In Kagawa Prefecture, castings and weights were produced by the government in the old days. Among them, "Kankan weight" is one of the famous products whose name is known all over the country for its accuracy. After the war, the company turned to the production of more advanced scales, and began to manufacture everything from materials to completion. In Kagawa Prefecture, a production line was established that could manage everything from purchasing, welding, painting, and completion, so integrated production was possible. This is unusual in Japan and is one of the characteristics of Kagawa's scale production. At present, a wide range of movements are being seen, such as the manufacture of specialized weighing equipment in the fields of agriculture, civil engineering, chemistry, and industry, and the integrated manufacture of control panels that perform everything from infrastructure to software development. In the future, high-tech technology, automation of weighing work, and the scale of the scale itself are expected to be further advanced, and even higher precision is required.

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Main production area
Takamatsu City, Sanuki City

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