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Takamatsu Hariko

Photo of Hariko Takamatsu

In blacksmith town in Takamatsu city, there are many shops that deal with toys and dolls, and various toys have been made since long ago. One of these is Hariko Zaiku, which is made by laminating Japanese paper on clay or wood molds. Doll toys and masks called "Deco-san" were good children's play friends. There are various types of "Takamatsu Hariko", such as bream Ebisu, bream holding doji, and hammer. Among them, the famous one is “Houko-san”. A cylindrical papier-mache doll, depicting the face of a girl with a round face in a red kimono with a strange appearance, and the warm, simple expression that is loved by many. In addition, it is said to be a toy associated with a legend, and it is based on a sad legend of a girl named `` Omaki '' who died on behalf of a seriously ill princess who transferred herself to the island and was washed away on the island It is said that.

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