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Cotton and bedding

Photo of cotton and bedding

Cotton cultivation is one of the Sanuki Sanpaku along with salt and sugar. Since the mid-Edo period, it has been actively performed as a side business of farmers at the time. In the 40's, this cotton production became the foundation, and in order to increase added value, sewing technology was introduced and expanded to bedding production. At present, futons, feather futons, and cotton futons are often shipped, and products are shipped to the Kanto area. Reliable technology cultivated in a long tradition has been proven by the high quality of products. Among the beddings, cotton bedding is a familiar thing that has been loved by the Japanese for hundreds of years. The unique characteristics of cotton with excellent moisture absorption, heat retention, and elasticity, as well as its soft texture and reassuring touch, have been popular with people over the years.

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Main production area
Mitoyo City, Kannonji City

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