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Beautiful and soothing colors create warmth.
Special cones that can only be obtained with dyes taken from natural plants.

  • Kagawa has long been used to make vegetation-dyed ballads using cotton threads. In the Edo era, it was a cotton ball that was popular all over the country, but after the war, the tradition of creators from all over the country was discontinued one after another, and even in the Sanuki district, only the memories of the elderly at the time, the technique Was not reproduced. However, many people continued their efforts for 30 years after the war, and finally succeeded in reviving and organizing the lost techniques transmitted to Sanuki. In 52, it was named "Sanuki Kakari Temari", and now you can enjoy beautiful and adorable Temari.

  • Sanuki Kawari Temari is a calm, warm cone that can only be produced with dyes from natural plants. No matter how many years pass, you will never get bored. Even today, Sanuki Kagari Temari has been industrialized, and it is made with a technique of using firgar as the core material, winding a cotton thread into a base cone, and hand-dying with vegetable-dyed cotton thread. The beautiful and warm hand-balls created with sincerity are still fascinating many people. In addition, Sanuki Kamari Temari is also known as Nihohi Temari, which contains plenty of incense and natural fragrances in the core firgar. It is said that the beautiful fragrance drifts from beautiful hands and is also effective for fragrance and insect repellent. Not only can it be used as an interior decoration, but if you use it in a closet or closet, you can also enjoy the incense of your clothes. "Nihohi Temari" is as popular as normal Sanuki Karigari and is often used as a gift, such as a wedding gift.

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