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Sanuki Chouchin

Photo of Sanuki Lantern

"Sanuki lanterns" was born as a votive lantern at XNUMX locations in Shikoku. For this reason, lanterns decorated with colorful patterns using patterns and patterns unique to temples and shrines are still displayed at shrines and temples. Among the Sanuki lanterns in the early Edo period, there is a triple lantern made by praying for the cure of the disease. The lantern depicting the dragon god is wrapped in a lantern with a sutra written on it from the inside, and the outside is wrapped and finished with a lantern painted in vivid colors. This is an advanced method of producing triple lanterns without cutting bamboo without luck. In addition, this single hanging lantern is said to be the only one in Japan, and until recently, its production technique was kept secret. Sanuki lanterns, which have been gathered by the techniques of their predecessors, have been handed down to the present age.

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