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Sanuki itto-bori

Photograph of Sanuki Ichitobori

The history of "Ichitobori", which engraves chisel blades, has a long history. It started in the 8th year of the Tempo (1837), when the Asahisha double-layered purlin was built on the way to Kinpira Palace and Gohonmiya. It is said that Miyagi carpenters from all over the country put fleas on the wood and competed for their arms. After that, the technique of sword engraving was introduced to the sculpture department of the Kotohira Industrial Apprentice School, which was opened around 1897, and Sanuki became a popular souvenir for Konpira. In the past, it was made of log-bark wood in the sanctuary of the shrine, but now it is made of Akamatsu "Himatsu" and "Kusun", which are over 200 years old. Sanuki Ichitou engraving is the violent edge of a struck chisel, the detailed pattern of a small chisel, this boldness and delicate delicateness, and the two contradictory harmony.

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