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Sanuki itto-bori

Photograph of Sanuki Ichitobori

The history of "Itto-bori", which is carved using the marks of a chisel's blade, is long, and it began in 8, when the Asahisha two-story gabled structure was built on the way to Kotohira-gu Shrine and the main shrine. around the time.It is said that temple carpenters from all over the country started by putting chisels in pieces of wood and competing with each other.After that, the technique of ittobori was handed down to the carving department of the Kotohira Industrial Apprentice School, which opened around 1837, and Sanuki became popular as a souvenir from Konpira.In the old days, it was made of logs with camphor bark from the sacred precincts of the shrine, but now it is made of red pine "Himatsu" and "Kusunoki" that are over 1897 years old.The charm of Sanuki Ittobori lies in the harmony between the rough edges of the hammering chisel and the detailed patterns created by the small chisel.

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