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Bags and Small Leather Goods

Photographs of bags and small leather goods

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, as part of efforts to diversify the production area (and using the know-how they had gained from production of gloves) Higashikagawa City began manufacturing bags and small leather goods. The appeal of these products is their diverse and unique designs, which are created using the detailed techniques of material selection, cutting, and sewing that are utilized in glove manufacturing. In small leather goods, the production of proposal-based products is on the rise, and we can also see developments such as products created in collaboration with designers, and products presented at overseas exhibitions in New York, Paris, Milan and elsewhere. Production of bags and small leather goods is now expanding as a local industry that Kagawa can be proud of, with an eye on overseas sales channels. Recently, the number of producers is on the decline, but the integration of everything related to production (from skilled craftsmanship cultivated over many years, to manufacturing and inspection) results in the creation of consistently high quality products. Now, there is an urgent need for these detailed techniques to be passed on to the younger generation so that this industry can be preserved for the future.

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