Kagawa prefecture products

Bags and small leather goods

Seasonal season
Main production area

In the 40s, Higashi-Kagawa City began manufacturing bags and small leather goods by applying the know-how cultivated in glove manufacturing as part of diversifying production areas. Utilizing fine technologies such as material selection, cutting, and sewing for glove manufacturing, diverse and unique designs are attractive. For small leather goods, the production of proposal models is also increasing. A variety of movements have begun to appear, including products created through collaborations with designers and products that have been sourced at international exhibitions such as New York, Paris, and Milan. Now, Kagawa is expanding as a local industry that can be proud of, with a view to overseas sales channels. Recently, the number of producers is on the decline, but by integrating everything related to production, from skilled craftsmanship cultivated over many years to manufacturing and inspection, it is possible to produce products with consistent quality. is. In order to leave delicate technology for the future, it is urgently necessary to pass it on to younger generations.

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