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Aji stone, a famous stone in the world that has been refined in history.High-quality stone material unlike any other in the world.
Hardness boasting the same level as quartz, dignified beauty, high durability,
Stone quality, heavy weight, and rarity that can withstand fine work.
Aji stone, which has everything, is said to be the best stone in the world.

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Main production area
Aji-cho, Mure-cho
  • What is Ajiishi?

    Ishinosato, located in the east of Takamatsu City in Kagawa Prefecture, spans Mure-cho and Anji-cho, where the entire mountain is composed of Mt. Anji stone is one of the three major granite rocks in Japan and is called a granite diamond in the world. Because it has a fine texture, it is strong against weathering and the more it is polished, the more glossy it becomes. The main components are quartz and feldspar, which contain a little bit of biotite, so a rare expression called "hu" appears. Granite is classified as fine, medium, and coarse, while Anji stone is classified as fine and medium, and the finer the pattern, the more valuable it is treated as a valuable item. Anji stone is also known for its hardness. It is classified as a hardness of 7 which is the same as crystal, and it is said that it is said that the engraved letters will not collapse or lose its luster for 200 years.

  • Unit price of stone “world's best”

    One of the great features of Ajiishi is the "spot". "Spots" are biomarkes that are particularly dense on the surface of a well-polished stone, giving rise to a mottled pattern that appears "moist or moist as if pressed with a fingertip". And the expression often used in Aji stone is "floating spots". This means that the surface of the stone looks like a double Kasuri pattern. Such a phenomenon is said to be unique to Aji stone, unlike any other stone in the world. Due to its rarity and characteristics, it is rated as the “best in the world” for unit price of stone.

  • Anji stone polished by history

    Anji stone has a long history, dating back about 1000 years. Quarry was used from the late Heian period, and was sent far to Kyoto. The origin of the processing of Aji stone products in Kagawa prefecture is thought to have been around 650 years ago when Ishimizu Hachimangu shrine was rebuilt. It is said that innovative processing such as the construction method began when Yajima Toshogu Shrine was built in 1814. Before that, there were masons in Mury and Aji, but due to a shortage of labor, masons were invited from Izumi country. After that, the masons who arrived at Mure and Aji settled down after completing their duties and started their own business. From this time to the Meiji era, it was an era of foundation making as an “Ajiishi production area”. At that time, the masons who received the orders went to the mountains themselves to mine and process the rough, but as the times progressed, quarrying and processing became more and more specialized. The pre-war period from Taisho to Showa was the time of the development of Aji stones. Has become known. After that, the demand for lanterns and tombs increased, and around 35 a stone cutting machine was introduced, revolutionizing stone processing. In this way, the technology of Aji stone and stone craftsman has been polished with the times, and in the present age, the technique that the stone craftsman has acquired can be demonstrated at will.

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