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Oidemai Rice

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Oidemai Rice—bright white with a glossy sheen.
Come and try this rice that looks and tastes delicious!

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  • Achieving the Same Texture and Flavor as Koshihikari Rice

    “Oidemai” is the name of a variety of rice that originated in Kagawa. “Oidemai” means “Would you like to come!” in the local Sanuki dialect. It was given this name with the wish that many people will come and enjoy Kagawa’s locally produced rice. This rice has many features, but the most remarkable is the beauty of its grains. Compared with “Hinohikari”, a variety of rice currently produced in many parts of the prefecture, Oidemai Rice has a low occurrence of cloudy white grains, which result from high temperature damage. Unprocessed grains of Oidemai Rice also have a round, uniform shape. Its taste and appearance are special as well—when cooked, the color of the rice is bright, with a glossy sheen that stimulates the appetite. The flavor of Oidemai Rice is not overpowering, it goes well with any recipe, and has a taste and texture similar to Koshihikari Rice. Another feature is that it is relatively easy to grow. The rice shoots are short and resist collapsing. It ripens beautifully, with few misshapen grains. Because Oidemai Rice is characterized by its high quality, it is expected to become Kagawa’s main rice cultivar.

  • Rice Suited to Kagawa’s Climate and Topography

    Global warming played a crucial role in the development of Oidemai Rice. At the time when Oidemai Rice was first developed, Hinohikari Rice was grown in almost half of Kagawa’s paddy fields for wet-rice cultivation. Although the taste of Hinohikari Rice is very good, one flaw of this variety is that cloudy white grains tend to develop during the ripening process if the temperature is high. Because many of Kagawa’s paddy fields are located in flat areas where temperatures can rise relatively easily, with the progression of global warming, it became increasingly difficult to produce high quality rice. As a result, in 2002 the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station began working on the development of a new rice variety—one that would be both delicious and adaptable to global warming. Oidemai Rice is the product of artificial cross-breeding between “Awaminori Rice”, which has a good taste and high quality, and “Hohoemi Rice”, also known for its good taste. Through a variety of scientific studies, it was determined that Oidemai Rice is superior to Hinohikari Rice in both quality and taste, and in November 2010, it was designated a “recommended variety” of Kagawa Prefecture. When full-scale cultivation began in 11, the harvest of Oidemai Rice that year received the top ranking of “Special Grade A” in the “Rice Flavor Ranking” put out every year by the Japan Grain Inspection Association. It was the first time that a rice cultivar from Shikoku received the “Special Grade A” ranking.

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