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Mitoyo City, Manno Town

It is said that the history of tea in Kagawa Prefecture is old, about 350 years ago, when the first feudal lord of the Takamatsu clan, Yarige Matsudaira, built a tea garden in the current Ritsurin Park for use in tea ceremonies. At present, tea plantations are spreading in the mountainous hills in the southwestern part of the prefecture, and excellent varieties such as "Yabukita" and "Meiryoku" are cultivated. "Kagawa tea" is a unified brand of Kagawa prefecture that blends tea made from tea spots in the prefecture with quality assurance. The rich taste and aroma of "Kagawa tea", which has been nurtured by a beautiful climate, has been well received at various fairs and has been recognized for its high quality. Tea has its own fragrance and taste depending on where it is taken. "Kagawa tea" blended to bring out the goodness of each is a gem that you can enjoy refreshing aroma and taste. In addition, it is cultivated in strict accordance with the pesticide safe use standard, so you can drink it with confidence at any time. In addition, green tea using 100% of the best tea from Kagawa Prefecture is sold under the name "Honmamon Green Tea". Green tea that is particular about the place of origin of tea leaves.

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