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There is a long history of tea in Kagawa. It is said that the tradition began around 350 years ago, when the first feudal lord of the Takamatsu clan, Matsudaira Yorishige, built a garden to grow tea for tea ceremonies in the area that is now Ritsurin Garden. Currently, excellent varieties of tea, such as “Yabukita” and “Meiryoku” are being cultivated in tea plantations that spread throughout the mountainous regions of south-west Kagawa. The brand “Kagawa Tea” is blend of top-quality teas grown in Kagawa. Featuring teas raised in beautiful natural surroundings, this brand has been recognized for its quality at tea exhibitions, where it is praised for its rich taste and pleasant aroma. Tea has a unique flavor and aroma depending on where it was harvested. Kagawa Tea blends different kinds of tea to bring out the best of each variety. Furthermore, because these teas are cultivated in strict accordance with safety standards for use of agricultural chemicals, you can always enjoy the fresh flavor and aroma of Kagawa Tea with confidence. “Honmamon Green Tea”, which is made using only the first-picking of Kagawa-grown tea leaves, is a brand of green tea that is very particular about where its tea leaves are produced.

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Mitoyo City, Manno Town

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