Kagawa prefecture products

Black beans (Kagawa black No.1)

Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu City, Miki Town, Kotohira Town

Kagawa Prefecture is ideal for farmland because it is warm and has long sunshine hours, close to the huge market called Keihanshin. However, due to the small area, it has been difficult to compete with other regions in terms of shipment volume. Therefore, Kagawa Prefecture has been cultivating original varieties in order to differentiate itself from other regions. "Kagawa Kuro 1" is an original black soybean born in Sanuki. Compared with the conventional variety "Tamba Kuro", it has a better grain, color, and aroma, making it ideal for boiled beans. It contains high-quality proteins, vitamins, and dietary fiber, as well as isoflavones and anthocyanins, which have recently attracted attention. In addition to processed foods such as boiled foods, Amanatto, and New Year's boiled beans, it is also excellent to get new beans in green soybeans. `` Kagawa Kuro No. 1 '' is a variety of `` Tamba Kuro '' seeds collected by Kagawa University and JA Kagawa Prefecture, which were breeded by pure isolation breeding method. It is a registered variety. Good grain uniformity and quality, and excellent workability. Even when processed into boiled beans, it is a variety that is comparable to Tamba black in all aspects of color, gloss, aroma.

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