Kagawa prefecture products


Seasonal season
Main production area
Ayagawa Town, Kotohira Town, Kanonji City

In Kagawa, there have been many local sake brewed since long ago. Good quality rice and water are essential for sake brewing. The rice grown in Kagawa, with its long hours of sunshine, is suitable for sake brewing. It was also blessed with good quality water that came from the Asan Mountains. The combination of good quality rice and water, the warm climate and the skill of chief brewer, produces a mellow, full-bodied and aromatic Sanuki local sake. There are also expectations for “Sanuki-Yoimai”, an original rice produced in Kagawa Prefecture for sake brewing, which has been grown since 2006.

  • Kagawa has a temperate climate throughout the year, so Kagawa's sake is soft in the taste and has been appreciated by many enthusiasts. The sake rice cultivated in Kagawa is "Ooseto", which has a refreshing taste. "Sunuki-Yoimai" is a cross breeding of "Ooseto" and "Yamadanishiki" sake rice, which has both good characteristics. Sake made from these sake rice is evaluated as a well-balanced of aroma, taste, crispness and richness.

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