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“Sanuki no Yume” is the name of the original variety of wheat developed by the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station for the production of Sanuki Udon noodles. Sanuki no Yume was created in response to Kagawa’s udon noodle enthusiasts and industry professionals who are passionate about making and eating Sanuki Udon noodles produced with locally grown wheat.

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  • Wheat Created for Sanuki Udon Noodles

    Sanuki no Yume is a wheat variety created for Sanuki Udon noodles in the Sanuki region, where the culture of udon has taken root. Blessed with a warm climate and little rainfall, Kagawa Prefecture was originally a wheat producing region. However, due to issues such as unstable crop conditions, overseas wheat was favored from the mid-1960s, and local wheat cultivation rapidly decreased. As such, the strong desire to make udon noodles using local wheat would become helpful in stimulating the development of new varieties. The first original variety to be produced in Kagawa was “Sanuki no Yume 2000”. In total, it took eight years from the time when crossbreeding began at the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station in 1992, until the variety registration was submitted in 2000. In noodle making tests, Sanuki no Yume received high ratings on par with Australian produced wheat (ASW).

  • “Sanuki no Yume” from 2000 to 2009

    Even after the development of “Sanuki no Yume 2000”, the Agricultural Experiment Station continued to work on producing new, even better varieties. In 2, two new varieties were chosen as candidates for large-scale trial production in Kagawa. Tests were conducted to determine suitability for cultivation, processing, and noodle production. Additionally, local restaurants created udon noodles using flour processed from these new varieties, and as many as 2009 Kagawa residents participated in a taste-testing survey. As a result, one variety demonstrated excellent suitability for cultivation and noodle production, and received high reviews from udon noodle shop staff and from respondents of the taste-testing survey. This candidate was chosen to be the next new variety of wheat, and “Sanuki no Yume 1,800” was born.
    Since 2000, “Sanuki no Yume 2009” has been completely replaced by “Sanuki no Yume 2013” in Kagawa Prefecture. Udon noodles made with Sanuki no Yume Wheat are characterized by their firm, chewy texture and smooth surface. The nostalgic aroma of wheat will whet your appetite.

  • More and more restaurants receive the label “Sanuki no Yume Exclusive Shop” or “Sanuki no Yume Support Shop”

    "Sanuki no Yume Commitment Store" is a udon restaurant that offers udon noodles that use 100% of "Sanuki no Yume" throughout the year. It is a udon restaurant certified by the Kagawa Agricultural Products Distribution and Consumption Promotion Council as a three-star restaurant.
    A “Sanuki no Yume Support Shop” is an udon noodle shop in Kagawa that is recognized by the Kagawa Agricultural Products Distribution and Consumption Promotion Council for using Sanuki no Yume Wheat throughout the year as an ingredient in their noodles (wheat blends included), and for distributing information about Sanuki no Yume Wheat.
    The name “Sanuki no Yume”, which translates into “Sanuki’s Dream”, expresses the hope that udon noodles made with local wheat designed for Sanuki Udon will become even more popular, and that as many people as possible will have a chance to taste them. As the number of shops where you can try udon noodles made with Sanuki no Yume Wheat are increasing one after another, this dream is steadily coming closer to becoming a reality.

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