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"Sanuki no Yume" is a collective term for Kagawa Prefecture's original wheat varieties developed for the Sanuki Udon by the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station. This wheat for sanuki udon was born in response to the passion of the udon industry and udon enthusiasts in the prefecture, such as "I want to make and eat sanuki udon with local wheat."

  • Wheat born for Sanuki udon.

    Wheat born for Sanuki udon in Sanuki, where the udon culture takes root, is Sanuki's dream. Kagawa Prefecture, which has a mild climate and low rainfall, was originally a wheat production area, but cultivation has been rapidly decreasing since the 40s due to instability in cropping patterns. In such a case, a strong desire to make udon with wheat made in the prefecture will help development. The first original variety in Kagawa Prefecture, "Sanuki no Yume 2000," started crossing at the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station in 1992, and it took eight years to apply for a variety registration in 2000. In noodle making tests, it has a high reputation equivalent to ASW (Australian wheat).

  • "Sanuki's Dream" is from 2000 to 2009.

    The Agricultural Experiment Station has been working on the development of new varieties of wheat even after the development of Sanuki no Yume 2000. In 2, we conducted a large-scale trial production of the two narrowed-down candidate varieties locally in 21. We conducted tasting questionnaire surveys. As a result, one candidate that had excellent productivity and suitability for noodle making and was highly evaluated in udon shops and consumer questionnaire surveys was selected as the successor variety, and a new “Sanuki no Yume 1,800” was born.
    In Kagawa Prefecture, "Sanuki no Yume 2000" has been completely switched from "Sanuki no Yume 2009" since 25. Udons made using "Sanuki no Yume" are characterized by their chewy and chewy texture, and the surface is smooth. The nostalgic wheat aroma will inspire your appetite.

  • "Sanuki's dream specialty store" and "Sanuki's dream support store" are one after another.

    "Sanuki no Yume sticking shop" is a udon shop that provides udon that uses 100% of "Sanuki no yume" throughout the year. It is a udon restaurant certified by the Kagawa Agricultural Products Distribution and Consumption Promotion Council as a three-star restaurant.
    "Sanuki no Dream Support Shop" is a udon shop in Kagawa Prefecture that provides year-round udon that uses wheat flour from Kagawa Prefecture "Sanuki no Dream" (including blends) as a raw material. This is a udon restaurant that has been certified by the Kagawa Agricultural Products Distribution and Consumption Promotion Council as a store that can cooperate with the dissemination of information about the product.
    The cultivar name "Sanuki no Yume" includes the dream of expanding the udon made from prefecture-specific wheat, which is suitable for Sanuki udon, and wanting as many people to eat as possible. As the number of udon shops where you can enjoy "Sanuki's Dreams" is increasing one after another, such dreams are surely progressing step by step.

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