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Sanshu O-guro (boiled beans)

Photo of Sanshu Daikoku (boiled beans)

Boiled beans are indispensable for New Year's cuisine. "Sanshu Daikoku" is the best choice for this boiled bean. "Sanshu Daikoku" is a special selection of only high quality beans of Kagawa Prefecture's original black soybean "Kagawa Kuro No. 1", which have a particularly large grain size and a minimum size of 2L (particle size of 10.5mm or more and less than 11mm). Plenty of beans with a beautiful grain appearance and plump appearance. Some stores also sell boiled beans made with only Sanuki Wasanbon and Seto salt. The harvested "Sanshu Daikoku" fresh beans are processed and sold as roasted beans and Amanatto besides boiled beans. Roasted beans can be cooked together with rice to make delicious black bean rice. Amanatto becomes soybean shochu when soaked in shochu. Of course, you can leave it as is. You can enjoy a simple and gentle taste. It is also recommended to make a gift as a set.

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