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Naked barley

Photo of Hadaka wheat

"Nude barley" is a type of barley. Cultivated a lot in western Japan, it is said that the quality obtained from the Setouchi coast is particularly good, and this prefecture is the second largest in Japan.
Barley's dietary fiber is ideal for preventing lifestyle-related diseases, such as lowering cholesterol and keeping blood sugar at a proper level or improving the environment in the large intestine, as well as relieving constipation. "Hadaka barley" contains about three times as much dietary fiber as brown rice and about 3 times as much as polished rice.
Barley rice is a popular way to eat “naked barley”. Boil rice with "Naka ​​barley" and cook. It is characterized by a chewing response, and the more you chew it, the richer the flavor.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
  • Ichibanboshi (Kagawa prefecture recommended varieties *)

    The barley cultivar "Ichibanboshi" is characterized by its excellent quality, soft grain and high whiteness of wheat. `` Ichibanboshi '' produced in this prefecture is highly evaluated for its quality, and is mainly used as a raw material for barley miso and barley tea. I am. Barley miso has a good flavor and barley tea has a savory and refreshing taste.
    * Recommended varieties are varieties that have been determined as excellent varieties that the prefecture should spread.

  • Daishimochi
    (Varieties cultivated in areas such as Zentsuji City)

    The sticky barley variety “Daishimochi” has a purple, sticky, and sticky texture. It contains about 30 times as much dietary fiber as polished rice, and is especially rich in β-glucan (a water-soluble dietary fiber) that is said to be effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases. It is widely produced in Zentsuji City, and is used as wheat rice, or milled and mixed with flour, etc., and used as raw materials for udon, buckwheat, bread, and buns.

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    LOVE Sanuki Sanuki Mochi Wheat Daishimochi, a local product

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