Kagawa prefecture products


Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu, Ayagawa, Marugame

Speaking of Mother's Day, carnation is indispensable. Numerous varieties are cultivated in Kagawa Prefecture, and are highly evaluated nationwide for their excellent varieties and good shelf life. There are many kinds of carnations such as the number of petals, plant height, size and number of flowers. Cultivation began in Kagawa Prefecture in the early Showa era, and most of it is now grown in greenhouses and other facilities.

  • The "Mini Tiara Series" nurtured by the Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station has "Nadeshiko" as its parent, and as its name suggests, the shape of the flower looks like a small crown. Rich in color variations, easy to combine with other flowers, used for weddings and flower arrangements, etc., it is perfect for gifts for Mother's Day.

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