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In Kagawa Prefecture, chrysanthemums have been cultivated for a long time in a warm climate facing the Seto Inland Sea.Among them, Shodoshima is one of the leading producers of electric shine in Japan, and has a history of more than 1950 years since it succeeded in trial production in 60.There are many types of chrysanthemums, such as elegant large flowers, simple small chrysanthemums, and pretty spray mum (Western chrysanthemums), which are easy to obtain anytime, anywhere, so you can enjoy them as arrangements and flower arrangements.The varieties cultivated in the prefecture are "fineFault OfIchiworldFault","fineFault OfLightlike thisAya(I.e.In addition to this, a new type called full bloom that made the chrysanthemum in full bloomringPhosphorusGiku and one of the classic giku "Saga Giku" are cultivated.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
Marugame City, Shodoshima Town, Kanonji City
  • About Disbad Mom

    Disbad Mum is a new type of chrysanthemum that suits Western-style arrangements, and can be used in various scenes by taking advantage of its advantages such as landing and longevity.
    There are many flower shapes and curler variations, and it is widely used not only for celebrations such as bridal, where chrysanthemums have not been used so far, but also for flower arrangement and funerals.

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Mr. Yoshiaki Nishio, Chairman of Kikubu
Organization name Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Cooperative Okawa District Farming Center Horticulture Section
Group location 53-2 Nakasuji, Higashikagawa City
Recommended way of eating Ikebana, flower arrangement
Prefecture retail store Prefecture retail store
Mr. Nishio from Higashikagawa City is cultivating chrysanthemums in about 14 houses. Lighting cultivation is a cultivation method that makes use of the characteristics of chrysanthemums (short-day plants) that flower as the days get shorter. By illuminating the night lights, the illusion of daylight is illuminated and flowering is artificially adjusted. In this way, it can be harvested during periods of high demand and shortages, and can be provided throughout the year. The growth of chrysanthemum changes with temperature. We carefully manage the "time of flowering" and "time of growth" and grow beautiful single flowers. Nishio says he wants a lot of people to know the beauty of chrysanthemum, which is becoming more and more popular. Why don't you enjoy the beauty of Kiku that has a presence not only in traditional Japanese rooms but also in Japanese modern rooms?