Kagawa prefecture products

Shine Muscat

Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu, Marugame, Sanuki, Mitoyo, Ayagawa, Tadotsu

A large muscat that is seedless and can be eaten with the skin. A new variety registered in 18. The diameter of each grain is about 500 yen, and it has a strong sweetness. The skin is very thin and has no astringency. With a refreshing scent unique to Muscat, it has a new texture with a crunchy texture that has never been found in grapes. This texture and the ease with which you can eat the whole skin are very popular with young people who are moving away from fruit. There are also many Japanese and Western confectionery stores in the prefecture that use Shine Muscat for Daifuku and cakes. The product with an average sugar content of 17.0 in the excellent product rank is sold as "Sanuki Sanyo Fruit".

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      Yano Yasue
      Organization nameJA Kagawa Prefectural Mitoyo Farming Center
      Group location838 Motoyama Ko, Mitoyo-machi, Toyonaka-shi, Mitoyo-shi
      Recommended way of eatingraw food
      Prefecture retail storeRetail stores inside and outside the prefecture, major fruit stores and department stores in Kanto Kansai
      In recent years, Shine Muscat has become popular all over the country. The main production areas in the prefecture are Mitoyo, Takamatsu and Ayagawa, and grapes are highly evaluated by retailers outside the prefecture because high-quality Shine Muscat is shipped. One grain is large, 1-12 g, and has a large volume. The sugar content is as high as 14 degrees or more, and many people seem to give it as a gift. In addition, the lack of seeds and thin skin make the crisp texture one of the reasons for its popularity. Yano, the producer, says that he loves it because he can eat it without any discomfort even if he throws it into his mouth with the skin on. Enjoy the refreshing sweetness of Shine Muscat, which comes out from early July to early September.