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Sanuki gold(Kiwi Fruits)

Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu City, Zentsuji City, Mitoyo City

As the name implies, "Sanuki Gold" has a bright golden flesh.
In addition to the beautiful colors that you can see, the taste is infinitely sweet and it is an original variety only in Kagawa prefecture that renews the concept of kiwi.

  • A whole new kiwi

    Kiwi is usually a bright green fruit. The size of the egg is generally the same, and it is a fruit that has an attractive balance between sweetness and sourness. However, Sanuki Gold has overturned the general sense of kiwi. It has vividly shining golden flesh, big fruits like apples, and low acidity and endless sweetness. A new type of kiwi that you can also enjoy a unique sweet scent. Sanuki Gold appeared in 2005 and began shipping in 2007. Products with an average sugar content of 13.5 degrees or higher in excellent and excellent grades are sold as "Sanuki Sansan Fruit". In addition, high-end products with a high sugar content are sold under the brand name “Osama”.

  • Until Sanuki Gold is born

    Kiwifruit originates from the Yangtze River basin in China. However, although it was used as a Chinese medicine for the digestive system in China, it was not breeded or economically cultivated. Subsequently, Kiwifruit seeds were first introduced from New Zealand to Japan in the 1960s, across New Zealand. In Kagawa Prefecture, several varieties of original varieties were born, with enthusiastic efforts to improve kiwi varieties and develop original processed products. And in 2005, Sanuki Gold joined Kagawa's original kiwi. Sanuki Gold also has some very delicate aspects due to its large fruit and thin hair. The characteristic of being particularly vulnerable to impacts made production difficult. Because the fruits are large, the fruits lined up next to each other are likely to collide with each other and are vulnerable to impact. For this reason, producers carefully bag their fruits one by one, and grow them carefully while adjusting the number of fruits so that they do not collide. This new kiwi "Sanuki Gold" was born with care and care for the producers.

  • High sugar content and low-additive taste realize various ways of eating

    Sanuki Gold is purely sweet. It boasts a much higher sugar content than the kiwi “Hayward” that is commonly available. Kiwi is known for its high vitamin C content, but Sanuki Gold has three times the content per 100g of normal kiwi. Eating one large Sanuki Gold can supply vitamin C for three adults. There are many ways to eat such Sanuki gold, but the best part of this kiwi is to eat it with a spoon. If you eat a large size kiwi as it is, the sweetness spreads in your mouth and you can feel very luxurious. It is also recommended to put it in yogurt or use it as an accent for cakes and salads. In addition, if you add kiwi juice before cooking the meat, the effect of abundant actinidine makes the meat very soft. When you make a puree sauce, you can enjoy it with fresh, moderately sweet taste that goes well with meat and fish.

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