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Sanuki Gold Kiwifruit

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As its name suggests, “Sanuki Gold Kiwifruit” is characterized by its bright golden flesh.
In addition to its eye-catching color, its sweetness knows no bounds. Sanuki Gold is an original variety produced only in Kagawa that is unlike any kiwifruit that has come before.

Seasonal season
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Main production area
Takamatsu City, Zentsuji City, Mitoyo City
  • A Completely New Kiwifruit

    When you think of kiwifruit, its bright green-colored flesh usually comes to mind. Generally speaking, kiwifruit are about the same size as an egg, and their flavor is appreciated for its balance of sweet and tart. Sanuki Gold, on the other hand, revolutionizes the general concept of kiwifruit. With its bright golden flesh, large size like an apple, boundless sweetness with very little acidity, and uniquely sweet aroma, Sanuki Gold is unlike any other kiwifruit. Sanuki Gold made its first appearance in 2005, and official sales began in 2007. Premium quality Sanuki Gold Kiwifruit with a sugar content of 13.5 or more are sold as “Sanuki San Fruits”. The very best Sanuki Gold Kiwifruit with high sugar content are sold under the brand name “Osama”.

  • The History of Sanuki Gold

    Kiwifruit originated in regions around the Yangtze River Basin in China. While kiwifruit was used as a traditional Chinese medicine for the digestive system, new varieties were not developed, nor was it commercially cultivated at the time. The kiwifruit later made its way to New Zealand, and in the 1960s, kiwifruit seeds were brought from New Zealand to Japan. In Kagawa, enthusiastic efforts to develop improved varieties of kiwifruit, as well as new products containing kiwifruit, resulted in the birth of several original varieties. Sanuki Gold joined Kagawa’s lineup of original kiwifruit varieties in 2005. With its large size and sparse covering of hair, Sanuki Gold is an extremely refined variety of kiwifruit. However, the delicate nature of Sanuki Gold made it difficult to produce. Because of their large size, Sanuki Gold grown on the same vine can easily bump against each other, and they bruise easily if they overlap even slightly. For this reason, producers of Sanuki Gold raise their kiwifruits with great care, wrapping them individually in bags, and managing the number of fruit on each vine to prevent bruising. Sanuki Gold was made possible by the thoughtful and careful cultivation techniques of kiwifruit producers.

  • With its high sugar content and smooth flavor, there are so many ways to enjoy Sanuki Gold.

    Sanuki Gold is characterized for being purely sweet. It boasts a much higher sugar content than the commonly available “Hayward” variety. Kiwifruit is known for being high in vitamin C, but 100 grams of Sanuki Gold contains three times the amount of vitamin C found in regular kiwifruit varieties. Eating just one large Sanuki Gold Kiwifruit will provide enough vitamin C for three adults. There are many ways to enjoy Sanuki Gold, but the best way is to eat it with a spoon. Enjoying a large kiwi this way, you’ll feel truly luxurious as its sweetness fills your mouth. It is also great in yogurt, or when used as an accent for cakes or salads. Furthermore, kiwi juice contains an abundance of actinidin. Add kiwi juice to meat before cooking, and the meat will become very tender. You can also enjoy the pleasant sweetness of kiwifruit in your cooking by pureeing it into a sauce that goes well with meat or fish.

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