Kagawa prefecture products

Sanuki Angel Sweet(Kiwi Fruits)

Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu City, Zentsuji City, Mitoyo City

Sanuki Angel Suite is a new variety of kiwifruit cultivated by the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station. (The variety was registered in July 2013.) Since it has a high sugar content and low acidity, the sweetness spreads in the mouth the moment it is eaten.Also, the color of the flesh is bright yellowish green overall, but only around the seeds it turns red like an "angel ring".Since the appearance of red color differs depending on the individual, the surprise when cutting can only be understood by actually experiencing it.As the name of the Angel Suite suggests, it is a kiwi fruit that delivers a sweet time to everyone you meet.
Those that have an average sugar content of 15.0 degrees or more in excellent goods and excellent goods rank are sold as “Sanuki Sansan Fruit”.

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