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Rarirure lettuce

Photo of Larry Lettuce

Crisp fresh crunch with a solid taste.
Lettuce that lasts a long time, is fresh and delicious over time.
It is the brand lettuce "Rirurelet Lettuce" of Kagawa's pride.

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  • What is Rirurelet Lettuce

    "Lairure lettuce" is a lettuce that is cultivated with the aim of sound soil management and environmental protection based on soil composting. The fertilizers are unified, and special fertilizers for Rirurelet lettuce are used. The composition of fertilizer is more than 5% of organic raw materials, mainly natural materials such as rapeseed oil cake and rice bran. In addition, we try to reduce obstacles to continuous cropping by rotating rice and sweet corn in the previous crop. Commitment to soil making and delicious lettuce. That's the lettuce.

  • The taste of lairure lettuce

    Rirure lettuce is a high-quality lettuce that combines the blessed climate of Setouchi with a commitment to thorough soil creation. The color of the leaves is pale green as a whole, and each leaf is thick, with good color and luster. The taste is high in sugar content and natural sweetness, and many people feel that the taste is stronger than other lettuce. In addition, the shelf life is good and the freshness is not lost even after a long time, so you can always enjoy the fresh and crisp taste.

  • All-purpose lettuce that enhances various dishes

    Riruret lettuce can be tasted as it is when eaten as it is in salads, but lettuce is a material that can be used as a complement. Rirurelet Lettuce is a lettuce that lets you enjoy the original crunchy texture and natural sweetness of lettuce. Therefore, in a variety of dishes, it plays an exquisite role while exerting a moderate presence. For example, if you put lettuce in a kimchi pot, you can enjoy the crispy texture, the spicy spiciness, and the collaboration of Chinese cabbage and lettuce naturally and deliciously. It is also recommended that you wrap the ingredients in a lettuce that is blanched like a roll cabbage and eat it. Please try the all-purpose lettuce "Rirurelet Lettuce", which offers a wider range of dishes and more enjoyable meals.

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