Kagawa prefecture products

Broad bean

Broad bean photo

Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu, Marugame, Kanonji

Beans are crops that fertilize the soil. In Kagawa, what was cultivated as an intercrop of wheat became one of the specialty vegetables. The season is May. It is called "new beans", and gorgeous green pods are lined up in supermarkets and grocery stores. It is also called "silk bean" because its shape resembles silkworm.

  • New beans are cooked or boiled with a light sweet and spicy taste, and are used in Kagawa's local dishes, "punched sushi" and "cancan sushi". The soy sauce beans are made by drying the ripe beans in the field, roasting them slowly over low heat, and pickling them in soy sauce sauce. This is easy to store and popular as a souvenir. It can be boiled quickly and made into salad, crushed and cooked with sugar, and paste or bean paste.

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