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Olive oil is said to be the "queen of vegetable oils." Fruity, but with some spicy bitterness, which highlights the taste. As a complement to the dishes, and sometimes as the main, they bring luxurious flavors to the table.

  • Olives from Kagawa

    In the economic cultivation of olives in Japan, imported olive saplings were planted in Mie, Kagoshima and Kagawa prefectures in 41 to ensure domestic self-sufficiency of olive oil necessary for oil pickling such as sardines. is. Foreign-born trees were hardly rooted, and most of them died, but only trees on Shodo-shima Island, which resembled the Mediterranean climate, remained. Since then, Shodo-shima Island has become famous as the birthplace of olive cultivation in Japan. However, there were various difficulties after the introduction. I don't know how to grow it, and I don't know how to process the fruits that I've taken. Many ancestors continued their efforts and research and withstood the waves of various times, olives gradually spread on the island, and Shodo-shima Island eventually became known as the "Olive Island". Olives are currently designated as prefecture flowers and trees in Kagawa Prefecture, and their cultivation and processing are spread throughout Kagawa Prefecture.

  • Luxurious olive oil unique to Kagawa Prefecture

    There are so many uses for olive oil. It is widely used as a dressing base, fry oil for sauteing, and frying oil such as fritters. In addition, extra virgin oils have a flavor, and they can be used as they are, so they can be used as they are on the bread. On Shodo-shima Island, restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses where you can enjoy dishes combining seafood such as Thai, hamachi, octopus, and shrimp caught in the Seto Inland Sea with olives, and dishes using pork from Kagawa Prefecture are increasing. You can taste the unique taste of Kagawa Prefecture and the unique taste of Shodo-shima Island using luxurious olive oil. In addition, there is an attempt to make use of Japanese cuisine. Surprising collaborations, such as the sauce combined with Shodo-shima Island soy sauce moromi, have delighted many tourists. It was once said that domestic olive oil and table olives would never be equal to authentic European high-quality olive oil, but in recent years, Kagawa Prefecture olive oil has won numerous awards at world-renowned fairs. And the quality (taste, aroma, etc.) of the world is highly evaluated.

  • Olive oil that is good not only for taste but also for health

    Vegetable oils from soybeans, corn, rapeseed, sesame, etc. all squeeze the seeds, while olive oil squeezes the pulp. Moreover, among the many vegetable oils, only olive oil can be used raw and squeezed. Therefore, the natural active ingredients contained in the pulp will be included in the oil as it is. In other words, olive oil and other vegetable oils differ not only in the method of harvesting, but also in the composition of the oil itself. The characteristic of olive oil is that it contains more oleic acid than any vegetable oil. Conversely, linoleic acid does not contain much, and the fatty acid composition of olive oil is said to be ideal. In addition, virgin olive oil contains a large amount of trace components, which not only contributes to the flavor, such as the color, aroma and taste of the oil, but also plays an important role physiologically and chemically. I am. Olive oil has been used on the Mediterranean coast for a long time as a "secret agent of longevity and longevity", but nowadays scientifically the effects of the ingredients have been proven, and it has become useful for health promotion.

  • Health and beauty

    Extra virgin olive oil is rich in polyphenols, vitamin E and beta-carotene, which are good for health and beauty. It also contains a lot of oleic acid, which is said to be effective in controlling bad cholesterol (LDL).

  • High quality olives only in Kagawa Prefecture

    With the liberalization of trade, olives are imported in large quantities from overseas, and cheaper olive oil is now available in supermarkets and other places. However, many people who are health conscious are committed to reliable "domestic products", and Kagawa Prefecture is striving to provide safer and higher quality products to consumers in order to meet such trust. First of all, the way of harvesting is different from overseas. Overseas, the fruit is sifted using a machine, but in Kagawa Prefecture, each fruit is carefully hand-picked and carefully selected to prevent the oxidation of oil from progressing. You. In addition, the short distance from the farm to the processing plant shortens the time from harvest to oil recovery. As a result of these efforts, most of Kagawa's olive oils are high quality extra virgin oils. In addition, Kagawa Prefecture has established its own quality labeling system “Kagawa Olive Oil Quality Labeling System” so that you can purchase high-quality olive oil with confidence.
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