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Yacon photo

Yacón is a highly nutritious vegetable in the Asteraceae (perennial daisy) family native to the Andes region in South America. The leaves are said to be good for health and beauty when used to make teas etc. The roots are also attracting attention as a new vegetable. It looks like a sweet potato, but its crunchy texture and light sweetness is closer to that of a pear. In Kagawa Prefecture, cultivation of yacón began in 1999 in Manno Town.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
Manno Town
  • It can be sliced thinly and used in salads, vinegar, miso soup, tempura, stir-fries, and many other dishes. It also has a fruit-like sweetness, so it is also delicious raw with yogurt, or juiced. Yacón, with its high nutritional value, should definitely feature more on the dinner table.

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