Kagawa prefecture products

Japanese halfbeak

Seasonal season
Main production area
Hiuchi Nada, Bisan Seto

It is a distinctive fish that swims on the surface of the sea with its elongated lower chin and elongated body. The back is turquoise, the belly is silvery white, and the tip of the lower chin is red. It is said that the brighter the color, the better the freshness. Sayori eggs are relatively large, about 2 mm in diameter, and lay eggs on "flowing algae" that cover the sea surface. When fishing in Hiuchi Nada etc., the net may be drawn with the flowing algae as a mark.

  • Sayori is one of the most refined tastes of white fish, and it is known to be transparent and beautiful. There is also a sashimi called “thread-making” that can be enjoyed together with its beauty. You can enjoy a light and refreshing taste even with salt grilled, vinegared items, sashimi juice, dried fish, etc. It is a local privilege to be able to taste fresh but fresh fish.

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