Kagawa prefecture products

Japanese white radish

Radish photo

Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu, Sakaide, Marugame

Radish which is indispensable for Japanese dining table. Currently, the mainstream of the market is the sweet and fresh blue neck radish. Rich in diastase to help digestion, leaves are rich in carotene and vitamin C. Diastase can be obtained more effectively when eaten without heating, such as radish and salad.

  • Ingredients for miso soup and sprouts. They can be sliced ​​and baked, or salads or grated. Radish that can be eaten in various ways. If you have fresh radish with leaves, be sure to eat the leaves. It is a bitter and crisp crunch when cooked or stir-fried. It is as delicious as other leafy vegetables.

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