Kagawa prefecture products


Photo of Sanuki greens

This green leafy vegetable is a Kagawa original. With the goal of producing specialty pickled products from Kagawa, in 1988 the Agricultural Experiment Station began work on the development of a new variety of leafy green vegetable for pickling. Sanukina was successfully created in 1997 by cross-breeding two varieties of leafy greens, “Nozawana” and “Hiroshimana”. Sanukina is high in calcium, iron and dietary fiber. Also, because the fibrous tissue in Sanukina is soft, it has a crisp bite with no pungent taste.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Sanuki City, Takamatsu City
  • At first, Sanukina was mainly eaten as a pickled vegetable, but thanks to its mild flavor, it is now served all kinds of ways, such as lightly boiled or stir-fried. In Kagawa, Sanukina is often served in school lunches.

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