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Pear (Kousui / Housui)

Photo of pear (Kosui / Hosui)

Cultivation of pears in Kagawa Prefecture began in 42 in the Wada area of ​​Toyohama-cho, Kannonji city. The current main varieties are "Kosui" and "Hosui", both of which have no brownish red skin. "Kosui" has a high sugar content and is characterized by juicy pulp spreading in the mouth. On the other hand, "Hosui" has an average weight of 1909g, and has a strong sweetness and moderate acidity. The JA Kagawa Prefectural Honan District Pear Section has introduced a fruit sorting machine that measures the sugar content of each fruit and prints the producer code and the fruit sorting date. We are constantly striving to ensure that you can eat delicious pears with peace of mind.
Those with an excellent sugar level and an average sugar content of 12.0 degrees or higher are sold as "Sanuki Sansan Fruit".

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