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Mini Tomato

Photo of cherry tomato

The history is unknown, and mini tomatoes are said to be wild. A healthy vegetable containing vitamins A and C. Kagawa mini tomatoes are popular for their high quality because of the length of the sunshine, the fruit is firm and the color is good. Tomatoes grow fast if you give them plenty of water, but their sweetness is weak. During the harvest season, water is stressed and sugar content is increased.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Main production area
Higashikagawa City, Sanuki City, Tadotsu Town
  • Miniature tomatoes are growing in demand because they can be easily eaten immediately after washing without using a kitchen knife. Raw food such as salads is common, but heating will make it even more sweet and delicious. It is also recommended as an ingredient for tomato sauce and curry, but it is also popular to use high sugar content for jams and desserts.

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Yoshimatsu Yamachi, Western Takamatsu Mini Tomato Committee
Organization name Kagawa Prefectural agricultural cooperative
Group location 780-1 Dangamicho, Takamatsu
Recommended way of eating Jam, salad, meat spaghetti, etc.
Prefecture retail store Green peer Okamoto
Sweet and juicy mini tomatoes with beautiful bright red color are one of the popular ingredients used in various dishes. Yamachi, who wants to eat safe and delicious mini tomatoes other than during the season, grows them in plastic greenhouses. The use of seedlings that are resistant to disease and have the ability to absorb nutrients from the soil significantly reduces the use of pesticides. For the original manure, four types of organic fertilizers are used, and care is taken in soil making. In addition, by performing natural pollination using bumblebees, hormone processing is reduced, resulting in higher sugar content and a body-friendly tomato. Yamachi's mini tomatoes, which are cultivated with great care, are beautiful, eaten with peace of mind, and enjoyed by people inside and outside the prefecture.