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(Sanuki no Mezame)

Seasonal season
Main production area
Marugame City, Manno Town

Kagawa Prefecture's original asparagus produced by the warm climate of Setouchi and nutrient-rich soil. It is characterized by its strong sweetness, thickness and softness. Please relish Sanuki's Awakening to deliver "Spring Awakening" to the dining table.

  • Juicy, soft and long.

    Sanuki no Azame is now gradually expanding its distribution throughout the country. And those who see it at the store will be surprised first. The length is large and the total length is 50 cm! It's more than twice the size of a regular L size and is shipped in "long" size in spring. Sanuki's awakening is characterized by the fact that even if it grows, it is difficult for the tips to open. Therefore, it is possible to harvest even if it is stretched to twice the normal size. The tip is tight and the root is soft. When you eat it, it has a crispy texture and a refreshing sweetness that spreads throughout your mouth. Fresh ones just after harvest are delicious even if eaten raw. Most of the asparagus that is currently distributed throughout the country is the "Welcome" overseas variety. Sanuki's Awakening has achieved a new taste that breaks the conventional wisdom of asparagus.

  • What is Sanuki no Mezame

    In Kagawa Prefecture, the development of original varieties began in 8 at the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station. After repeated trial cultivation, "Sanuki no Mezame" was registered in June 17. Compared to other varieties, it is characterized by its early sprouting (spring awakening), and it begins to be harvested in the cold January. It also features a long harvest period. Due to its good taste and its beautiful appearance with tightly closed ears, many of the highest grades in the excellent class are harvested.

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