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Asparagus (sanukino awakening)

Photograph of asparagus (Sanuki no Awakening)

Sanukinomezame Asparagus is an original variety of Kagawa, produced by the warm climate and nutrient rich soil of the Setouchi region. Characterized by its intense sweetness, thickness and soft texture, this asparagus is so delicious it can be eaten raw right after harvesting. Welcome “spring’s awakening” to your table with Sanukinomezame Asparagus.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
Marugame City, Manno Town
  • Juicy, soft . . . and long!

    These days, Sanukinomezame Asparagus is gradually becoming known throughout Japan. If you spot it at the grocery store, your first reaction would probably be surprise. Large Sanukinomezame Asparagus can measure a total of 50 cm in length! More than double the length of normal “L” sized asparagus, Sanukinomezame Asparagus are shipped in the spring as “long” sized. Another feature of Sanukinomezame Asparagus is that the tip of the plant resists opening, even as it grows. As a result, Sanukinomezame Asparagus can be grown to twice the length of regular asparagus. The tip is tightly closed, and the stalk is soft all the way to the base. Take a bite, and you’ll notice its crisp texture and refreshing sweetness that spreads throughout your mouth. They are so delicious, fresh Sanukinomezame Asparagus can be eaten raw, right after harvesting. These days, most of the asparagus available throughout Japan is a foreign variety called “Welcome”. Sanukinomezame Asparagus breaks free from conventional ideas about asparagus to deliver a new flavor experience.

  • What is Sanukinomezame Asparagus?

    In Kagawa, the development of original asparagus varieties began in 1996 at the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station. After repeated trials, Sanukinomezame Asparagus was registered as a new variety in June, 2005. Compared to other varieties, Sanukinomezame sprouts early in the spring, (in Japanese, “<i>mezame</i>” can mean either “awakening” or “sprouting”), and harvest begins in the extreme cold of January. The long harvest season of Sanukinomezame Asparagus is another one of its distinguishing features. With its great taste and tightly closed tip, giving it a beautiful appearance, many Sanukinomezame Asparagus receive the top class rating at harvest time.

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