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Whether grown outdoors or in greenhouses, cucumbers are produced year-round in Kagawa, but their peak season is from summer to autumn. Summer and autumn cucumbers grown in mountainous areas where there is a large temperature difference between day and night are said to be of high quality. In recent years, growers have focused on producing the “shiroibo” variety of cucumber, known for its thin, crisp skin and green color that covers the entire vegetable.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
Miki, Takamatsu, Ayagawa, Mitoyo, Kannonji
  • Freshness is the key to a great-tasting cucumber. A fresh cucumber is firm all over, and the tapered bumps on its surface hurt a little to the touch. The fresh, juicy taste of cucumbers can be enjoyed when added to salads or dipped in kinzanji miso, but they can also be boiled or stir-fried for a deeper flavor. Whether pickled with mustard (karashizuke), or even pickled in beer, cucumbers can always be found livening up dining tables in Kagawa.

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Mr. Masanori Tsumura, Chairman, Cucumber Division, Southern Ayaka, JA Kagawa Prefecture
Organization name Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Cooperative Ayasaka Agricultural Center Horticulture Division
Group location Ayagawa-cho, Ayaka-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
Recommended way of eating Salads, stir-fry, pickles, seasonings, etc.
Prefecture retail store Retail stores such as prefecture supermarkets
Cucumber with a beautiful fresh green color is a very useful ingredient for cooking, such as raw food, stir-fry, and pickles. Tsumura grows cucumbers throughout the year, in spring, summer, autumn, and house cultivation. Cucumber cultivation is very sensitive to the weather, and if rain or cloudy weather continues, it can cause flowering, fruit drop, disease and affect the yield. Therefore, we pay close attention to the weather and weather conditions, soil temperature and wetness, and manage cultivation. In the past, Kagawa Prefecture introduced a nutrient solution soil cultivation that no one had done before, and was a pioneer in introducing a cucumber cultivation system. The cucumber nurtured by Tsumura who is calm in dealing with bad conditions such as the weather and is afraid to challenge new things has a reputation for being fresh and very delicious. Why not try a delicious cucumber in a cucumber field surrounded by beautiful nature, such as the mountains and rivers of Haedori.