Kagawa prefecture products

sweet corn

Photo of sweet corn

Seasonal season
Main production area
Sakaide City, Zentsuji City, Kanonji City

Common corn with a mixture of yellow and white berries has a sugar content of 14 to 15 degrees, while sweet corn with all the yellow fruits has 17 to 18 degrees and is characterized by strong sweetness. In recent years, varieties have been improved, and sweet varieties that are even sweeter than sweet corn have been bred. One of these, the "Mirai" strain, which is also produced in Kagawa, is particularly popular for its sweet, soft texture.

  • Corn is fresh. It is recommended to eat as soon as you buy. Shorten the cooking time, steam or boil, and enjoy the sweetness of the ingredients themselves. If you don't eat right away, cook it and wrap it in a wrap in the refrigerator. For long-term storage, loosen the fruit and freeze.

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