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Bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots announcing the coming of spring. Although the place of origin is the Gangnam region of China, it has been popular as an indispensable part of Japanese food culture. It grew big in the soil around the summer of the previous year, and began to appear on the ground around February. It will be on the market from late March. Kagawa products are white, heavy and soft. It is known as "Konpira bamboo shoot" because most of it can be taken near Kompira-san.

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Main production area
Manno-cho, Mitoyo
  • Fresh bamboo shoots are heavily heavy and firm, and the skin has a velvety luster. If you buy it at the store, wash it with the skin on it, boil it with rice bran and pepper, and remove the bottle. Note that if you remove the accelerator too much, the umami will escape together. As a cooking method, wakatake boiled and bamboo shoot rice are common, but recently it is often used for stir-fry and sauteed. In Kagawa, we often eat lightly cooked bamboo shoots with tempura. There is also a way of eating "bamboo shoot sashimi", where freshly cut ears are sliced ​​raw and soy sauce is applied.

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Mr. Hisashi Onishi, Chairman of the Takatake Bamboo Shoot Division
Organization name JA Kagawa Pref.
Group location 460-2 Ohno, Yamamotocho, Mitoyo-shi
Recommended way of eating Tempura, bamboo shoots, salted, pickled, etc.
Prefecture retail store Prefectural retail stores, prefectural direct production facilities
Bamboo shoots are harvested from mid-March to early May, and begin to appear in supermarkets and other stores around April. Some bamboo shoots are sold out early, and in early years they may appear in stores around January. 3% of bamboo shoots are Moso bamboo, and the remaining 5% are mushrooms and bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots from Mitoyo City are renowned for being soft, white, soft, chewy, and delicious. The reason for this is that young bamboo shoots can be offered to the market because they are excavated while they are still in the soil.
There are two ways to distinguish delicious bamboo shoots: the base color of the bamboo shoots and the size of the red shoots. It seems better to choose one with a whiter root and fine reddish red buds. Speaking of recommended dishes using bamboo shoots, bamboo shoot tempura. Bamboo shoot tempura is a popular local dish in Kagawa prefecture. The savory aroma of sweetly boiled bamboo shoots and the savory aroma of fried tempura can be said to be a classic spring taste.