Kagawa prefecture products


Onion photo

Seasonal season
Main production area
Marugame, Mitoyo, Zentsuji, Kanonji

Harvesting is carried out from April to June, and there are early varieties for salads and late varieties that are dried and refrigerated for long-term shipment. After being dried and cleaned with a cloth, it is called "Migakita Onion" and has been evaluated for its high quality. Many onions grown in Kagawa Prefecture are grown using seeds produced in Kagawa Prefecture to suit the local climate.

  • Onion is a vegetable that is indispensable for dining because it has a stable price throughout the year. For salads, you can enjoy the unique bitterness and crunchy texture, and for stir-fry and stewed dishes, you can enjoy the sweetness and softness of each. It is recommended that you choose something that is tight and heavy, has a shiny outer brown skin called demon skin, and is well dried.

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