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Thick and rich aroma.
It boasts the third highest production volume in the country, and does not rely on large-scale cultivation.
If you eat, please try Kagawa's garlic once you can clearly see the difference in taste.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Kotohira Town, Sanuki City, Zentsuji City, Kannonji City, Mitoyo City, Manno Town, Takamatsu City
  • Garlic from Kagawa Prefecture spread throughout the country

    Although it is not well known, Kagawa Prefecture has the third largest garlic production in Japan. The largest producer in the prefecture is Kotohira, famous for Konpira-san, and is also produced in Zentsuji, Kanonji, and Sanuki. In Kagawa Prefecture, dry garlic and raw garlic are produced together. Although a lot of cheap garlic from abroad is on the market, but now food safety is important, domestic garlic is gaining attention and Kagawa garlic is more popular than ever. Garlic from Kagawa Prefecture is characterized by its tightness, thickness and rich fragrance. The rich flavor will surely addictive once eaten.

  • High quality garlic grown over time

    Growing garlic requires a lot of time and effort. Garlic seeds are fixed up and down, so you have to plant each one by hand so that the buds come out upward. Also, soil creation is very important for garlic. We need to make a layer of soft soil and grow it while keeping the soil moisture. It is also important to bury garlic every time the buds grow so that it can grow easily. To deliver high-quality garlic to many homes, it has been carefully cultivated with a lot of time and effort.

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Yutaka Kusunoki
Organization nameVegefuru Sanuki Co., Ltd.
Group location1966 Tsuruha, Tsudacho, Sanuki City
Recommended way of eatingGarlic miso, whole fried, spices, etc.
Prefecture retail storeMaruyoshi Center
Speaking of garlic, many people should remember Aomori Prefecture. In fact, Kagawa Prefecture boasts the second largest production volume in Japan after Aomori Prefecture. Mr. Kusunoki, who is certified as an Eco Farmer, cultivates garlic in Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture, with the motto "Fresh, safe and delicious." We use one-half of the general amount of pesticides used and use as little fertilizer as possible. Kusunoki's garlic, which is low in pesticides and does not use chemical fertilizers, is very popular because it can be eaten safely. In addition, it is brought up with a generous effort to work, and has received high praise both from inside and outside the prefecture for taste and quality. Kusunoki's garlic, full of fruit, fragrant and flavorful, why not try it once?